Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Temco Model 58

Scan-016 A copy of the company brochure for the Temco Model 58 aircraft. Dated 1956. Credit: William Rudolph collection

“The new Temco Model 58 is a private venture, tandem-seat trainer designed for military use. Unlike most tractor Lycoming-powered aircraft, the Temco Model 58's 340-h.p. Lycoming GSO-480-AIA flat-six, drives a three-blade, constant-speed, metal airscrew. With a loaded weight of 2,993 lb., the Model 58 has a maximum speed of 185 knots at 10,000 ft., with a service ceiling of 25,000 ft . plus. Range at 137 kt. is 485 miles at 20,000 ft. Span 33 ft. 2t in.; length 25ft. 10 in.; height 9ft. 10 in. Miscellaneous stores include sixteen 80-mm. rocket projectiles, two 100-lb. G.P. bombs and two under-belly Napalm incendiary bombs. Each wing can mount a single 0.50-in. or 0.30-in. machine gun.”  Air Pictorial 1956-03

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