Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Temco Model 51/TT-1 Pinto

Scan-040 A copy of the company brochure for the Temco Model 51/TT-1 Pinto aircraft. Dated 1956. Credit: William Rudolph collection

“In the early 1950s Temco initiated design of a lightweight primary jet trainer which it designated Model 51 Pinto. A cantilever mid-wing monoplane with retractable tricycle landing gear, accommodating the instructor and pupil in tandem in an enclosed cockpit, it was powered by a Continental J69-T-9 turbojet.

The prototype, first flown on 26 March 1956, was later tested by the US Navy, which then ordered 14 production aircraft under the designation TT-1. The first jet trainer in service with any of the US air arms, it was operated by the US Navy to study the feasibility of using jet aircraft for primary training. No further production followed, and plans for a Super Pinto attack trainer also failed.” AviaStar.Org

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