Thursday, November 30, 2017

XFD-1 Phantom I (48236) Photos

11 E4976-XFD-1-48236-Nose-With-Phantom-19450000 Bill Spidle sent in these 60 photos of the the second XFD-1 (48236) that he had recently scanned at the National Archives. The XFD-1 became the FH-1 Phantom I when it was redesignated.

From Jet45: “On the 19/7/46 during sea trials the second XFD-1 (48236) made the first take off and landing by a US jet powered aircraft on a Navy carrier the USS Roosevelt CVC-42. The FH-1 entered service with VF-17A squadron on the 29/4/1947, with the aircraft remaining in service with the US Navy as a front line fighter until 1949 being also flown by VF-11 and VF-172 squadrons. The "Phantom" begain to be replaced from 1948 onwards by the F2H-1"Banshee".”

Credit: Bill Spidle (See other of Bill’s Photos and work here, here and here

Click here to download photos in one ZIP file (21 Megs)


Bill Gilman said...

Thanks so much to Bill Spidle for making these available and to you for posting them here. These are excellent reference photos for future modeling projects. Great stuff!

Bill "Navy Bird" Gilman

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