Saturday, November 11, 2017

F-15 Eagle –Prelude to Flight (A Tall Tail Tale)

A TALL TAIL TALE_01 Another narrative from Jack Abercrombie on the early days of the F-15 Eagle project, The proposal, design, wind tunnel data and the final “Tall Tail” outcome. This narrative is part of Jack Abercrombie’s memoirs. Jack was an Aerodynamics Project Engineer from 1971 to 1978. Credit: Jack Abercrombie

Click here to download narrative (1.4 Megs)


Unknown said...

Thanks, Ron!!

Unknown said...

Great read . Obviously much info I wasn't aware of. I joined the Progam in Dec '69, a week before Contract Award and it was my home until '77. I was a supervisor of Engineering Planning & Scheduling for Structures. Lots of hours ....loved the Program and everyone associated with it ! Still good memories . Joe Jeter

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