Wednesday, June 21, 2017

XV-1 Convertiplane Photos

 XV-1-01XV-1-03 The McDonnell XV-1(XH-35) was an experimental compound helicopter, developed for a joint research program with the United States Air Force and the United States Army. It was designated a "convertiplane" and explored technologies to develop an aircraft that could take off and land like a helicopter but fly at faster airspeeds, similar to a conventional airplane. The XV-1 would reach a speed of 200 mph (322 km/h), faster than any previous rotorcraft, but the program was terminated due to the complexity of the technology which gave only a modest gain in performance. Source: Wikipedia

Technical Notes:
Rotor Diameter: 9.5m (31 ft)
Wingspan: 7.9 m (26 ft)
Length: 9.1 m (30 ft)
Height: 3.3 m (10 ft 9 in)
Weights: Empty, 1,940 kg (4,277 lb)
Gross, 2,497 kg (5,505 lb)
Engine: Continental R-975-19 air-cooled radial, 550 horsepower
Crew : 2    
Note: Photos 31 thru 34 were taken by me in the BLDG 42 hanger in 1963

Click here to download photos in a Zip file (56.7 Megs)


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