Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Northrop A-9A Photos–Part 1

A-9A Photo Here are eighty six photos of the two prototype Northrop A-9A aircraft. The Northrop YA-9 was a prototype attack aircraft developed for the United States Air Force A-X program. The YA-9 was passed over in preference for the Fairchild Republic YA-10 that entered production as the A-10 Thunderbolt II.

Aircraft 71-1367 is in the storage yard awaiting restoration at Edwards AFB, California.
  Aircraft 71-1368 - on display at March Field Air Museum, March Air Reserve Base, California.

Note: My involvement with the A-9A aircraft begin when McAir sent me to Edwards Air Force Base in September of 1973. My job was Flight Test Engineer for the German F-4F and also F-15 prototype aircraft; but, my office was next door to the Northrop A-9A project office.

As the program was over and Northrop lost, the office was clearing out. Of course, I had to ask as a historian and they gave me a number of photos and a A-9A Pilots Briefing Notes. (It always pays to be in the right place at the right time!) So, here are the photos and many others that I have gathered over the years. Credit: Northrop and as marked

Click here to view photos

Click here to download all photos in a Zip file (69.4 Megs)

A-9A Photos-Part 2 are here


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