Wednesday, October 26, 2016

F-4E/F and RF-4B/C/E Fuselage and Wing Cross Sections

1Image Loft Sheet 53-1352 with the fusalage, wing cross sections and duct moldlines for the F-4E/F and RF-4B/C/E . The Loft Sheet is dated October 27 1980.

Click here to view Loft Sheet

Additional drawings here and here


Anonymous said...

Nice information.


Anonymous said...

Excellent resource. You've done a mighty fine job in creating this blog.

Quite unfortunately, the link does not point to LS 53-1352, displaying another sheet instead.


Aviation Archives said...

All fixed! Thanks for the head's up.

Unknown said...

Your work is simply amazing!
I'm modelling the F-15 Eagle in CAD at the moment, any chance of having the same sort of drawings for it? If that is not classified.
Thank you!!



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