Monday, October 10, 2016

McDonnell Model 85 Talos-L Missile

zModel 85 TALOS Missile Drawing(50%) McAir Loft Sheet 26-2 with the 1/24th scale model dimensions of the model 85 Talos-L missile proposal. McAir was to be a supplier for this proposal. Credit: Greater St. Louis Air and Space Museum

From Designation-Systems: “For a brief period in the mid-50's, the U.S. Air Force considered using a land-based Talos missile (called Talos-L or Talos-W) as an interim interceptor missile, until the IM-99/CIM-10 Bomarc  would be ready.”

From Talos History: “Talos was considered by the Army and Air Force for land defense of targets and the nuclear warhead version was considered as a possible ICBM interceptor.”

Click here to view drawing


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