Sunday, April 3, 2016

FileFactory Download Problems

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 10.12.18 AM I have been getting reports of this kind of problem while attempting to download my files.

Let me be very clear, none of my files are infected as this is a FileFactory server problem!

As proof, ignore the warning and download a file; but, BEFORE opening it, run a virus scan on it and it will come up negative. My computer is scanned daily and once every week using four anti-malware programs. ALL of the files that I have ever uploaded are clean.

I have been in contact with FileFactory for over a week and received this from them:”

Andy Wong (FileFactory Support)

Apr 1, 14:02

Hi there, thanks for your email.

We have investigated and discovered that some malicious users have been using our servers to host malware programs, and using TrafficShare to distribute the downloads to unsuspecting (but specific) downloaders.

Unfortunately this seems to flag all other files on the same server as potentially harmful. We are hunting down the accounts and files associated with this, and once removed, the warning errors should disappear.

Kind regards,

Andy Wong
Senior Customer Support Agent”

So, while this is troubling, my files are safe and FileFactory is taking steps to correct the problem from the rogue server files. Carry on!

BTW: Using a different browser will allow you to download the files, if your current one won’t.

NOTE: I have put an alternate download site for the “F-4D Gun Module Report”. Let me know if I need to give alternate download sites for other files.


Burkhard said...

Hi Ron,

I can confirm that the files are clean. The alternate for the F-4D Gun Module Report works.

Thanks for your efforts, very much appreciated!


Bill K. said...

The F/RF-101 Flight crew Air Refueling Procedures manual also does not work. Even of I try to bypass the warning, it will look like it is downloading, but at completion it will show as failed and not be there. Non affected downloads work just fine and I thank you so much. This is obviously a labor of love for you. Your site is otherwise amazing.

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