Tuesday, April 19, 2016

F-101B Plan, Sheer & Cross Section Cuts

F-101B Model Plan Sheer & Cross Sections LS 33-64 1-16 scale Loft sheets 33-64 and 33-66 showing the F-101B Plan, Sheer & Cross Section Cuts. Credit: Greg Kuklinski

Click here to view drawings


Unknown said...

Hi! Thanks a lot for all your effort to publish this brilliant stuff. Is there a way to get link for the large size drawing (the one with words - "Click here to view drawing")?

Aviation Archives said...

Good catch, I forgot to finish the post. (The problem of doing this stuff in the middle of the night!!)

Iskender said...

Can you rupload this image, please?

Aviation Archives said...

Link is fixed!

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