Thursday, November 5, 2015

F-4K Paint and Color Drawing

32-000015 F-4K Paint & Color 2-28-1966 (Dark) - RDowney Another actual McAir blueprint (#32-000015), this time from 1966, with the paint and color requirements for the F-4K early Dark Sea Gray aircraft.

Click here to view large copy of blueprint


Unknown said...

This a might be a difficult question at this distance in time:
The drawing quotes a top surface color of UK338/1527 Dark Sea Gray.
As far as I can tell, that is a UK stores reference for a tin of paint of a particular color in a particular size. It is not actually a color reference.
The description is complicates things as standard top surface color for Royal Naval aircraft at the time would have been Extra Dark Sea Grey rather than Dark Sea Grey.
Is there any way to find out if McDonnell Douglas imported the paint from the UK or used their own mix or an FS equivalent?
And was the same color used on the F-4M for the Royal Air Force?
Big questions for a modeler.

Aviation Archives said...

McDonnell used their own mix, as far as I remember. I had several buddies in the paint shop at the time.

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