Monday, November 16, 2015

Boeing Display Model Drawings

boeing Many prints from the Boeing Historical Services Office on vintage Boeing aircraft and missiles. They include: B-17E, 707, 727, 737, B-50D, B-52B &G Bomarc missile, F4B-3 &4, KC-97, KC-135P-26A, PT-17, Model 40B and Model 80A.

Click here to view the Boeing prints


walt said...

hi Ron,

Your posts have always been a great source of references for scale modelers like me. Keep it up. I failed to notice any B-50D drawings as mentioned. Was there any that I missed?


Aviation Archives said...

Walter - Good catch! For some reason the B-50 drawing didn't upload. I have corrected the post. Here is a direct link to the B-50 drawing:

Glad to see modellers are following the blog!!

Neil Gaunt said...

As another retired aircraft engineer many thanks for these gems (yes I am a modeller and historian as well!).

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