Monday, August 17, 2015

McAir Building #42

!cid_ii_14e8eb10c55c7a8d Ben Dunbar wrote me last month about his obsession with the old McDonnell Aircraft Building #42 in St. Louis, where he currently works:

“I have worked as a mechanic at Trans States Airlines/GoJet Airlines here in St. Louis for the past ten years. We happen to occupy and comply with our scheduled maintenance out of the old McDonnell building 42. I have spent countless hours researching this building online and at the Missouri History library and research center. I have dug up every photo and article openly available to me.I've already created 6 large sized posters that are hung in the hangar, proudly documenting building 42's history with articles and pictures, but I am always on the lookout for more (Can't seem to get enough, call it an obsessive hobby)”

I spent several years in this bldg. while I was in Flight Test and remember it fondly! I love it when someone has an “obsession” with anything to do with aviation and buildings certainly qualify. Can anyone help Ben with his quest?

The last three photos show current operations in the building.

Click here to view photos and info


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