Sunday, August 16, 2015

F-18 Hornet Exhaust Nozzle Chevrons

Untitled 1 The F-18 Hornet program NAVAIR office explored the use of exhaust nozzle chevrons to reduce engine noise in this low-key program.

The NAVAIR report says: “Commercial jetliners with large high by-pass fan jet engines have achieved very signi´Čücant jet noise reduction over the years. Unfortunately the thrust, weight. and size requirements peculiar to naval carrier aircraft preclude the use of this technology. Until very recently, the Navy's response to jet noise was focused exclusively on hearing protection. However. even the best ANR systems available do not provide adequate hearing protection. This gap in noise exposure must first be addressed at the source—the jet engine nozzle.”

Credit: Navy Currents Magazine

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Click here to download the NAVAIR report in PDF form


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