Saturday, March 29, 2014

McDonnell F-111 Sled Test Article

HP Scan0001 (4)McDonnell Aircraft was the subcontractor for the F-111 Crew Emergency Escape Capsule. This is a nice photo of the sled test article.

Click here for a  video of the sled test

Click here to view the photo


Tailspin said...

Note that this appears to be a test of the ejection seats installed in the first F-111s rather than the escape capsule itself.

Aviation Archives said...

You're right of course, the photo could have been taken for several reasons. Because there was nothing else in the photo but the capsule, no wires, extra cameras; etc, I chose to option that it was just an overall picture of the capsule; but, it could have been part of a series showing how the dummy pilots fit in the capsule. We may never know!

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