Sunday, March 23, 2014

F-4 Phantom Aircraft Configuration Chart

0002aWhen I was in the F-4 Configuration Control Group in St. Louis and later on in the Engineering Change Order Group, we were updated every quarter with this F-4 Aircraft Configuration Control Chart. This one covers from Oct 1954 to Oct 1976. It is a quick way to see what equipment was added or deleted from block to block on the F-4 aircraft!

Click here to see this chart


Markos said...


i just discovered your blog and I must say, it´s excellent :) It´s a reall joy to browse through the McDD history!
Please continue with your great job, so we can enjoy the archievements and historical milestones of this great company. merged, but never forgotten!

One small question only: Is it possible to upload this configuration chart with a bigger analysis? Even the big uploaded version is to small to read everything ..
Thank you very much in advance!

Best greetings

Anonymous said...

Postimg Links Dont work could you replace or update them please

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