Sunday, February 16, 2014

North American X-15A-2

CP31-0001 Crazed Plastic (CP) article with info on the NA X-15A-2 markings and modifications  from CP #25 by Mike Eastman. Also included is info on the TB-58A and the large pod that it carried.

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modelingspace-mike said...

There is a piece that Mike Mackowski wrote in July 1988 at the end of the run for Crazed Plastic. He lists the editors and several of the authors of the articles that were published, myself included. For the issues that I handled, I have a history behind the scenes that I will put into a technical blog in the near future. I also drew several of the covers, article diagrams, and cartoons that graced the pages. I handled issues 26 - 36, and have quite a story behind each artcle, but I will leave this for the blog. Issue 36 was especially difficult, but more on that later as well. Good job Ron in presenting this history. Gosh, I cannot believe that it has been over 30 years since the publication.

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