Saturday, February 15, 2014

F-15 Turkey Feathers

A Crazed Plastic (CP) article from CP #22 by Greg Kuklinsk on the removal of the turkey feathers on F-15’s.

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Bruce Albert said...

As a veteran F-15 engine mechanic on the A and B models (actually they were F and TF models first, when they were painted sky blue). I spent many hours with my head, shoulders, and arms inside those turkey feathers either putting the new one on or taking the cracked one off. The edges were sharp and you cringed when you heard the sound of hardware dropping. It was going to be a long night. During my whole tour of duty in the USAF, 1973 thru 1980, I worked on F-15's. I was one of the original engine mechanics. Hated those turkey feathers and never got the opportunity to take them off and leave them off. That all happened after my time.

Ange Wang said...

Thank you so much for re-uploading a larger picture sir

All the best


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