Monday, May 29, 2023

General Electric AN/ALQ-87 Configurations

ALQ-87001 A copy of the General Electric AN/ALQ-87 Configurations brochure. Dated June 6 1972.

“The AN/A LQ-87, currently an operational and proven ECM
pod system, has inherent design features that may be utilized
in 3 80 different configurations by the employment of versatile
mounting hardware.
The mini-back provides an interface between any of the
inventoried canisters and 14-inch mounting brackets. The
pylon adapter interfaces between either three or four canisters,
together with their low voltage power supplies and primary
power adapter, and any standard 14-inch or 30-inch pylon
mounting bracket.
The use of the adapter increases the effectiveness of the
AN/A LO-87 system by permitting additional ECM capabilities
to be combined into one pod.”

Download here or here or here or here(19.8 Megs)


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