Monday, March 27, 2023

Profile Publications Aircraft–Part I

Profile Publications Aircraft 001 - SE5A_01 I finally have a full set of Aircraft Profile Publications; so, here they are. In several parts. This is Part I.

Download here or here or here (100.5 Megs)


Anonymous said...

I can remember being a kid and writing to Douglas Aircraft before it merged with McDonnell. They sent me aircraft profiles for the Douglas Sky raider, the Sky Hawk and the B-26 invader. I was lucky to work as a contractor on the C-130AMP program and the C-17 in Long Beach. I was there when the last Boeing 717 (DC9 SR30) was tested and delivered. It is a Magic place. I also rented aircraft there from the FBO. One night I saw a fox on the taxiway.

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