Monday, May 2, 2022

German F-4F Phantoms at Holloman AFB

72-1179 (37 69) A few pictures of the US marked German F-4F aircraft.

“The McDonnell Douglas F-4F Phantoms of the 20th Fighter Squadron, 49th
Fighter Wing based at Holloman AFB, NM., were the last U.S. Air Force
Phantoms to be retired to AMARC from an operational squadron. The 20th
Fighter Squadron was unusual due to its unique mission which it carried
out for over 30 years since the re-activation of the unit as the 20th
Tactical Fighter Training Squadron on December 1st, 1972. As part of the
agreement to purchase the F-4 Phantom to replace F-104 Starfighters the
German Government negotiated a deal which included transition and
instructor training for Luftwaffe crews on the type within the U.S.A.
This would allow them to take advantage of the experience of the type
provided by the U.S. Air Force in the near perfect weather conditions
experienced in the New Mexico and Southwest regions of the country.

Initially the unit operated F-4Es from George AFB, CA. which at the time
was the U.S. Air Force's primary F-4 training base. When George AFB was
closed on June 5th, 1992 as part of the BRAC the 20th TFTS was once
again de-activated and the Luftwaffe F-4 training was re-assigned to the
9th Fighter Squadron, 49th Operations Group at Holloman AFB, NM.

On September 5th, 1973 deliveries of the Luftwaffe F-4F, which was
basically a stripped down lightweight version of the F-4E, began. 175
F-4Fs (U.S. Air Force serials 72-1111/1285) had been ordered to equip
two interceptor wings and two ground attack wings. Twelve F-4Fs received
the unofficial TF-4F designation while training in the U.S.A, however
after these aircraft were returned to Germany they received the full
F-4F configuration.” From: Amarc Experience

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