Monday, April 25, 2022

McDonnell Aircraft Model 60

mcdonnell-model-60_1 A copy of the 3-view drawing and other info of the proposed McDonnell Aircraft Model 60 aircraft. McDonnell “Model 60” Navy Fighter was a  Delta Wing Alternative to the “Model 5” F3H Demon. From 1949.

“One of the most interesting of all the post-war US Navy competitions has to be OS-113, which called for a carrier-based interceptor fighter. Below are the identified proposals:
Grumman G-86
Lockheed L-183
McDonnell 58
McDonnell 60
North American RD-/RE-/NA-1544
Republic NP-48/-200
Republic NP-49
Vought V-362

The winner, of course, was the McDonnell Model 58, which was evaluated as the XF3H-1 Demon and produced in quantity in the F3H-1 and F3H-2 versions.”

Credit: Stargazer

Download here or here or here or here or here (18.7 Megs)


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