Monday, January 3, 2022

Boeing EC-135C Looking Glass Flight Manual

Boeing EC-135C Looking Glass Flight Manual_01 A copy of the Flight Manual, TO 1C-135(E)C-1, for the Boeing EC-135C Looking Glass aircraft. Dated 10 June 1977. Credit: Anymouse Collection

Download here or here or here or here (65.7 Megs)


walt said...

Hi Ron. Happy New Year. As a modeler, I find your work very helpful and interesting especially your very early posts say starting way back 2012. Your late postings mostly flight manuals maybe appreciated by Pilots and other afficionados but sorry to say is not of any interest to modelers at all. Just to let you know. Thanks for your efforts

Aviation Archives said...

My blog is for everyone, not just modelers. I have over 2500 manuals to pass on.

Don McIntyre said...

I've got to disagree with Walt. As a modeler, I find the flight manuals very interesting. There are lots of details and descriptions that I find useful. Maybe being a long time aircrew member in the last century colors my thinking.
Great work, though, Ron. I seeing your updates and what new and interesting things you've posted for us.
Don McIntyre
Clarksville, TN

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