Thursday, November 25, 2021

Convair C-131A Samaritan Flight Manual

Convair C-131A Samaritan Flight Manual_01 A copy of the Convair C-131A Samaritan Flight Manual. Dated 25 September 1962. Credit: Anymouse Collection

Download here or here or here (66 Megs)


OldGeezer said...

When I was much younger, in the mid-1970s, I was an engineer at the Naval Air Rework Facility in Norfolk VA. A VC-131 (fancy version, allegedly used by the Commander of the Panama Canal Zone) had been sitting out at Breezy Point for a number of years, and somebody contacted us to do an inspection so that it could be flown somewhere else. A coworker and I did the inspection - actually, being the senior guy, my coworker held the ladder for me to climb up into the belly hatch and inspect the structure under the floor. Things were OK until I got back to the vicinity of the toilet, where there had obviously been a LOT of leakage over the years. There was a serious amount of corrosion and, being very junior, I decided that I couldn't make a determination of the extent of that damage, much less its effect on structural integrity. So we went back to the office, discussed the situation, and I wrote a one-time flight authorization (minimum crew, daylight clear-weather only) for the airplane to go to some other place, whoever had "engineering cognizance" as we called it for the C-131. I think it was San Antonio but I wouldn't bet a nickel either way. Anyway, it flew out there, and very soon thereafter we got a message saying that after it had arrived, their experts had looked at it and ordered that it be scrapped on the spot! I've searched in vain for any records that document which aircraft this was; nothing in any database matches up with the timeline that I was a part of. But it happened!

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