Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Vought YA-7F Strikefighter Photos and Info

445th_Flight_Test_Squadron_YA-7F_Corsair_II_71-0344_in_flight_2 YA-7F Strikefighter (A-7D Plus) was a proposed stretched, supersonic version of A-7 powered by an F100 engine, optimized for interdiction role, but cancelled after two prototypes were built.

From Joe Baugher: “On May 7, 1987, LTV received a contract from the USAF to modify a pair of A-7D airframes to what came to be known as "A-7D Plus". This was later redesignated YA-7F. The YA-7F was to be powered by a 26,000 lb.s.t afterburning Pratt & Whitney F100-PW-220 engine and had a fuselage that was made 4 feet longer by adding extra plugs both ahead (29 1/2 inches) and behind (18 inches) the wings. A taller fin and rudder was to be provided, augmented flaps were to be fitted. and leading-edge root extensions were to be used. The rear fuselage was redesigned so that it canted upwards by 3 degrees. A more advanced cockpit was to be fitted, with HOTAS and heads-up displays. The new YA-7F looked uncannily like the original F-8 Crusader from which the A-7 had been derived.”

Download here or here or here or here or here (5.7 Megs)


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