Thursday, July 30, 2020

Models of Warplanes of the World

Models of Warplanes of the World_01 Paper models of all types are popular in many countries. Called Paper-Card Modeling in Europe, it spans the range from simple folded-paper darts, to complex three-dimensional models of airp|anes, ships and buildings. The paper-plane construction style of this bookwas developed by Wallis Rigby, an Englishman. He was internationally know for his paper models ofairplanes, ships and trains. This is one of Rigby’s many books of paper-model WWII airplanes.
Rigby is generally credited with developing and popularizing the tab-and-slot type of paper-model construction. This simplified construction gave thousands of young modelers their first experience with model airplanes. Credit Phil Koopman, Sr.

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