Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Navy F-4G Aircraft Photos

150642 112 F-4G-14-MC VF-213 camouflaged Vietnam 1966F-4GPhantomIIaircraftofVF-213ontheUSSKittyHawkCV-63waitingtolaunchfromthecatapultintheSouthChinaSeaoffVietnam Twelve F-4Bs were modified as F-4Gs (a Navy designation, not to be confused with the USAF F-4G, which was a Wild Weasel aircraft). The Navy F-4G was a version modified for the evaluation of the feasibility of automatic carrier landing operations. They were fitted with the AN/ASW-21 two-way data link communication system and approach power compensator. The first F-4G flew on March 20, 1963, and these twelve aircraft were flown by VF-213 from the USS Kitty Hawk (CVA-63). They operated in the Gulf of Tonkin from November 1965 until June of 1966. One was lost to North Vietnamese AAA, but the others were later brought back to F-4B standards. By 1975, the last F-4Bs were out of Navy service. Most of them were replaced by later-model Phantoms (primarily F-4J and F-4S) and were consigned to storage. However, conversions to F-4N managed to extend the effective life of some F-4B airframes well into the 1980s. The early Navy F-4G’s had an all over green camo paint scheme with white radomes!

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