Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Boeing B-52G Flight Manual

A copy of the Boeing B-52G Stratofortress Flight Manual T.O. 1B-52G-1. Dated 15 March 1982. Credit: Anymouse Collection

Download here or here (96.2 Megs)


Scoots said...

Thanks! Do you have any sources that could hook a guy up with the B-52G and H gunners manuals? I've been scouring all over.

Unknown said...

Man, I wish I would of Kept more things from the A.F. such as my B52 Gunner Checkout Book G Model (Castle AFB Class of Feb 1987?). I flew 4 sorties and thought "What the hell am I thinking?!"
Then my Steel Toed Jungle Boots with a zipper instead of laces. Finally my Coat.

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