Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Aerojet-General 15KS-1000-A1 Aircraft Rocket Engine Operation and Service Instructions


This manual contains instructions for operation, service, inspection, storage, handling, and shipment of the 15KS—l0O0-Al aircraft rocket engine manufactured by the Aerojet-General Corporation, Sacramento, California, U.S.A., in accordance with the manufacturer's specification and Federal Aviation Agency Engine Type Certificate
No. 249 and Aircraft Rocket Engine Specification No. E-249. This is a smokeless Aerojet 15-KS-1000 Jet-Assisted-Take-Off (JATO) unit used to boost military and commercial aircraft. The motor produced 1,000 pounds of thrust for 15 seconds. Multiple units were used to lift bombers during the Korean War, also B-47’s and C-130’s. Approximately 256,000 of these motors were produced. Credit: Mark Nankivil

Download here or here or here (10.7 Meg)


Anonymous said...

How much is an Aerojet 15 KS 1000 with igniter and aft cap worth?

Anonymous said...

Do you have one to sell?

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