Monday, May 6, 2019

McDonnell F3H Demon Detailed 3-View Drawing–Revisited

Tommy Thomason sent me a note about inacuracies in the McDonnell F3H Demon Detailed 3-View Drawing I posted a few days ago!

So, in his words: ”The multi-view F3H drawing you posted is both very detailed and somewhat inaccurate. The major error is that it depicts the wing as having anhedral when it has zero dihedral. See

Unfortunately, this is the sort of drawing that plastic-model kit makers rely on all too often.

Attached is a McDonnell lines drawing. If I had time, I'd superimpose a trace of it over the drawing you posted that would identify other errors like the airfoil at the wing root and the cross section at the cockpit. The two other drawings are from the SAC.”

Download Tommy’s attached drawings here or here (18 Megs)

F3H-2 Loft Sheet #1 here

F3H-2 Loft Sheet #2 here

F3H-2 Standard Aircraft Characteristics (SAC) here or here (5.8 Megs)


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