Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Martin B-26B and C Marauder Flight Handbook

A copy of AN 01-35EB-1 Flight handbook for the Martin B-26B and C Marauder and British Marauder II aircraft. Dated 30 April 1945. Credit: Anymouse Collection

Download here or here (36 Megs)

Earlier manual here


Thomas Perry said...

Thanks so much. It looks like the Martin Manual listed in the post (first link) is the same as you had previously posted (I couldn't tell because for some reason the link from the download site didn't want to work). The second link is for the Douglas B-26B/C and TB-26B (dual control), which is the manual I was hoping you might have. Thanks again

Randino said...

This appears to be the same document (TO 1B-26B-1) as the next post.

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