Wednesday, February 20, 2019

McDonnell Aircraft Markings and 3-View Drawings

Markings and 3-View drawings of the McDonnell FH-1, XF-85, F-2H and F-3H aircraft. From late 1990’s Modelist-Konstruktor magazines.

Download here or here (5.2 Megs)


AlexS said...

Dear Sir,
First of all, please let me say thank you - for the excellent work that you do so selflessly, and for the amazing information that you bring to light!
A very small clarification, if I may. The name of the magazine (in this post and in the next one) is actually "Modelist-Konstruktor".
I used to subscribe to it when I was a kid.
Respectfully yours,

Aviation Archives said...

Noted correction made. Thanks!

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