Wednesday, January 9, 2019

YF-17/Aden 2-D Nozzle System Study

YF-17_Aden 2-D Nozzle System Study_01 A copy of NASA Contractor Report # NASA-CR-144882, dated July 1979.

The purpose oi this study was to demonstrate the feasibility of incorporating the G. E. ADEN 2-D vectoring nozzle design on the YF-1'? fighter in order to provide a manned flight demonstrator of 2-D nozzle technology.
The YF-17 YJ101. engines and aft structure would be modified to integrate ADEN
nozzles with a thrust vectoring flap deflection range of 10° up to 20° down. Also canards would be added below the canopy.

Credit: NASA

Download here or here or here (7.5 Megs)


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