Friday, December 28, 2018

National Museum of Nuclear Science and History Photos

1 IMG_5851 Formally known as the National Atomic Museum.

This is the nation’s only congressionally chartered museum in its field. An intriguing place to learn the story of the Atomic Age. Exhibits spanning the early research of nuclear development through today’s peaceful uses of nuclear technology.

Mark Nankivil took a trip to Albuquerque, NM last July 20 2017 and sent these 215 photos. Lotd of aircraft and missiles! Credit: Mark Nankivil

Download here or here (159 Megs)


SpaceRanger said...

An impressive museum, to be sure. The full-scale mockups of the benchtop lab experiments done at Los Alamos are most illuminating. The scientists and technicians performing them really didn't know what they were playing with, in some cases until it was too late.

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