Sunday, September 16, 2018

USAF OperationsTraining Course for the OV-10

USAF OperationsTraining Course for the OV-10_01 A copy of the North American OV-10 USAF OperationsTraining Course. Dated February 1983. Dated 26 January 1983.

From the course introduction: “During the transition phase {Initial Qualifica-
tion), you will practice previously learned flying skills while developing the specific techniques required for the 0V-10. In the tactical phase {Mission Qualification}. you will learn the duties of a Forward Air Controller. Upon completing the course you will be designated a Mission Capable (MC) FAC. if your final assignment is to a command other than TAB. you might receive an additional checkride along with theater indoctrination before upgrade to Mission Ready (MR) status.”

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