Saturday, February 24, 2018

George Spangenberg Oral History

Spangenberg-Matureweb George Spangenberg (June 22, 1912 – November 13, 2000) was head of aircraft design in the United States Navy's Naval Air Systems Command.

"After a long career in Naval Aviation, Mr. Spangenberg retired from NAVAIR in 1973 where he had served as Evaluation Division Director, Naval Air Systems Command, for 15 years. He is credited with a long array of successful aircraft designs procured for the Navy over a 40-year period and served as spokesperson on naval aircraft design for the Navy, OSD, and Congress. Mr. Spangenberg was widely recognized for his technical expertise, integrity and business sense within and outside the government service. His abiding desire was to see that our Naval Aviators were flying the best machine possible; he never faltered from that mission up to the time of his death. He worked closely with Navy officers, civil service and industry engineers at all levels to accomplish this goal.

He was responsible for the design requirements/procurement of many aircraft, including the F4H Phantom aircraft, the Mach2 fighter-bomber F-14 Tomcat, the land and carrier based maritime patrol airplanes P-3 Orion and S-3 Viking, the carrier command and control aircraft E-2 Hawkeye and the Marine Corps heaviest lift helicopter CH-53E Super Stallion and selection of the YF-17 and design of the F/A-18 Hornet for the US Navy." (Except from original Spangenberg website. 

George Spangenberg is on the National Air and Space Museum's Wall of Honor as an Air and Space Leader.

Note: At a request, I am making sure we don't lose the memories of this important aviation pioneer!

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Paul Martell-Mead said...

There's a separate pdf "Spangenberg exhibits2002.pdf" which was on the original website - has 180 pages of reproductions of original documents related to the history. I can send a copy.

Aviation Archives said...

Could you send the PDF along. Thanks!

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