Friday, January 19, 2018

Northrop/McAir YF-23A Drawings

1 F-23A Several poor quality Northrop/McAir YF-23A Drawings showing 3-views, section cuts and internal placement of equipment. Credit: As marked

Click here to view drawings


SpaceRanger said...

I'm getting an "internal server error" at the Postimage site when I try to download the drawings.

Ken said...

Those aren't drawings of the YF-23A, they're of the production version, the F-23A, submitted for the final down select. Also, both are from Scott Lowther (Aerospace Projects Review) or the Secret Projects web site. The book recently put out by Paul Metz on the YF-23 shows the original design submitted for the prototype and both production versions (P&W powered version and GE powered version). There are plenty of early stealth design drawings as well. I highly recommend it.

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