Sunday, December 10, 2017

SkyLab Flown Medal Coin

Patch031Patch032 Photos of a coin I received after working on the SkyLab project. This coin was minted using metal flown aboard the SkyLab space station.

The coin obverse reads:

“This Medallion contains metal that traveled through space on the world's first space station --The U.S. Skylab-- In which Astronauts Conrad, Kerwin, Weitz, Bean, Garriott, Lousma, Carr, Gibson and Pogue opened a new era in the uses of space. May 14, 1973 - February 8, 1974”

Click on above photos for a larger view.)


AndrewZ said...

That's some memento! But what was the "metal that traveled through space"? Was it something that was launched specifically for the purpose of creating these coins, some other cargo, or part of the space station itself?

Aviation Archives said...

Good question! These type of medallions are from flown pre-made medallions or those minted using metal that was carried into space.

modelingspace-mike said...

I have mine from my time working within the Astronautics Division. It was great working with many of the engineers that built Mercury, Gemini, Skylab, NASP as well as a host of other space related items.

Aviation Archives said...

Yes, I got mine while working with McDonnell Douglas Astronautics also! Design department.

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