Sunday, April 23, 2017

North American F-100A/C/D/F Performance Data

North American F-100ACDF Performance Data_01 A copy of the TO 1F-100A-1-1 Flight Manual Performance Data for the North American F-100A/C/D/F aircraft, dated 15 May 1964. Credit: Irfan S. Hokan

Click here to download manual (49.5 Megs)


Jimy said...

Thank you for sharing the manual with us, it is some good information which not everyone knows and I am previlaged to know it

Anonymous said...

Спасибо Рон! Ты истинный ценитель авиации! Будь здоров и счастлив. С любовь из России. Максим

Aviation Archives said...

Translate as 'Thanks Ron! You are a true connoisseur of aviation! Be healthy and happy. With love from Russia. Maksim"

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