Tuesday, August 16, 2016

F-15 Global Strike Eagle Proposal

F-15GSE1F-15GSE2 An interesting Boeing proposal to launch a ballistic missile from the F-15E Strike Eagle. Covering the need for an on-demand, responsive space launch. This paper (AIAA-RS4-2006-2001) was presented at the AIAA 4th Responsive Space Conferance in April 2006.

The abstract says: ”A near term military need exists for a capability to execute global strike, responsive spacelift and space control missions. An innovative solution concept was developed based on integrating off-the shelf components to provide this capability, while avoiding technology development risk. The paper presents a concept that would utilize an F-15E with minimal modifications to provide a reusable first stage for the F-15GSE (Global Strike Eagle). The upper stages of the F-15GSE would consist of currently available solid rocket motors packaged to meet the mission requirements…”

Two versions of the paper are below. Anyone have any other info?

Click here to download the first paper in PDF form (4.5 Megs)

Click here to download the second paper in PDF form (0.5 Meg)


Unknown said...

I found the paper below wreferencing the documents you posted along with some new information:


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