Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Northrop F-18L and F/A-18L

F-18LMockup.jpg~original As Joe Baugher put’s it: “A land-based version of the Hornet known as the F-18L was also planned. Since it did not have to carry any equipment for carrier-based operations, the F-18L was expected to be significantly lighter and better-performing than the carrier-based version. Although no orders had actually been received, it was anticipated that the F-18L would be an attractive proposition for those foreign air forces who wanted and could afford an aircraft with greater capabilities than those of the F-5.” Go to his page for more info.

As I understand it, the F-18L was the evolved YF-17 that Northrop had said the USAF would get if they selected the YF-17 over the YF-16.

On the other hand, the F/A-18L was a de-navalized F/A-18A with more advanced features than the Northrop offering; but, It was also some 5,000 lbs heavier.

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Unknown said...

It's hard to understand why countries that had no aircraft carriers did not prefer Northrup's F-18L. Lighter by several thousand pounds and, consequently, faster, more agile, and less expensive it should have been a sales success.

Felipe said...

That is simple to deduct. The A-18 was an existing and funded available product. On the other hand the F-18L was just a concept on paper. Whoever opted for it would have to bear the risk ant the (substancial) cost of developing a brand new aircraft type. No foreign country though this was a better deal than living with the original naval Hornets Inefficiencies in land...

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