Wednesday, March 30, 2016

EF-4D Prototype Wild Weasel

F-4D 66-7647 Jan 19 1972-1 In 1971/72, McAir converted two F-4D aircraft with the APR-38 Homing and Attack System for “Wild Weasel” suppression role. Only two aircraft were modified for evaluation . These were the forerunner of the F-4G Wild Weasels. Credit: Scotthldr at ArcForums and above photo from FFRC Photo Collection via Angie Wang

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A nice article on f-4 prototype “Wild Weasels” here


FFRC said...

Nice to see my photo scan on your blog:D

Aviation Archives said...

Angie - which one is yours so I can get the credits correct?

FFRC said...

Photo with the FFRC Photo Collection watermark :)

Sir your blog inspired me into this photo collecting hobby, I've been building up me own collection since last summer

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