Friday, January 29, 2016

A Few Words


1. -  Do to the limitations of my photo host (Postimage), I can’t upload any photo or drawing bigger than 10MB to this blog. This means that my very large scans (Up to 52MB) need to be reduced.

When I do that, I realize that some of the smaller lettering can become illegible. If this happens and you really need that drawing, send me an email requesting a larger copy. I may be contacted at: aviationarchives(at)

Most of the time, something can be arranged; but, please be patient, as this blog is generating a lot of discussion and requests and I do have a life!.

2. – Next a plea, if you have any material such as photos, manuals, patches, brochures or drawings. Or anything else, (Especially Douglas, McDonnell Aircraft or McDonnell Douglas); please get in touch with me at the email above and we will work something out to get it published.

After all, that is why I started this blog so as to preserve and disseminate all this material before it is lost or destroyed! I have dumpster dived and grabbed anything I could over the years to save material; but, I have seen way too much of it thrown away. Let’s not let that happen!

3. – If you have any comments or thoughts on these notes or any thing else. Contact me at: aviationarchives(at) or use the comment link below



Unknown said...

Will do, as a fellow archiver, and someone who knows what taking a dive in the night means.

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