Sunday, June 21, 2015

Vulcan at Scott AFB Open House

Untitled 5 I got to photograph this British Vulcan bomber at an open house at Scott Air Force Base in the 1980’s. The Vulcan is my favorite non American bomber!

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Anonymous said...

I got a picture of this as well, A family friend took me to that show when I was about 11 or 12.

kev said...

Ah a big tin budgie from the 101st fleet of foot [ we can runaway from anybody] Squadron based on Pan Delta at Waddington. XL391 arrived on 101 after I had lefty for my fitters course in August 1979. The aircraft eventually ended up at Blackpool Airport- unfortunately the new owners had no idea or money to look after it so it was eventually scrapped although the cockpit section still survives. The official motto of 101 Sqdn was 'mind over matter' although we ground crew changed it to 'we don't mind and you don't matter' some aircrew have no sense of humour.

Best time on Vulcans- the scrambles- controlled chaos and noise all orchestrated by the bomber controller. Best one- the Queens Silver Jubilee at Finningley in '77. Line guys in white overalls- nah not real- but we still had our coloured bobble hats on !

Kev ex Waddo Line and 101 Sqdn and Vulcan majors at St Athan

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