Thursday, May 14, 2015

F-16 Block #30 Cross Sections

F-16 Blk 30 cross sections 1 McAir Loft Sheet #275-52 with section cuts of the General Dynamic F-16 Block #30 aircraft. Alex Thomas gave this sheet to me in 1976; but, I don’t know if it was under contract with GD or a case of McAir keeping tabs on competitor’s products!

Click here to view large size drawing


Anonymous said...

Can you update Large Size Drawing link?

Aviation Archives said...

Works fine for me!

Anonymous said...

Hey there! I just realized when I cross check these drawing with another blueprint out there, that drawing looks like YF-16 instead of the block 30.

1. Tailbase is slim and trapezoid shaped instead of square and bulky tailbase which could be found on block 25 onwards.
2. Horizontal stabilizer smaller than the later introduced in the Block 15 onwards.
3. Upper end of the tail appears too smooth, whereas production model F-16 extended a little bit to house antenna (RWR ?)

And AFAIK, in 1976 there's only a plenty of YF-16 and full scale F-16A airframes. Block 30 doesn't exist yet.

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