Friday, May 9, 2014

F4H Carrier Suitability Booklet

Scan0019A 1960 twenty two page booklet by McDonnell Aircraft showing the F4H’s capability for carrier operations. Carrier suitability trials were conducted with the #6 F4H-1 (BuNo 143391) starting in February 1960 aboard the USS Independence.

Click here to download the booklet in PDF form


F-4H-1 No 6 (1)F-4H-1 No 6 (2)[5]F-4H-1 No 6F-4H-1 No 6 (4-1)F-4H-1 No 6 (5)Pictures of F4H-1 #6, which was the carrier suitability aircraft. (Photo Credits to Tommy H. Thomason, Replica in Scale and McDonnell Aircraft)


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