Saturday, December 28, 2013

The McDonnell Douglas Suspended Maneuvering System (SMS)–“The Flying Fire Engine”

smsIn 1976 a number of Fire Chiefs asked MDC to design a “Flying Fire Engine” to rescue people from high rise fires above where ladders could reach. The result was the SMS. It was slung under a helicopter and maneuvered by an on board engine and could hold about 19 people. A unique idea that actually worked and was tested by the LA fire department for a year. But, reaction was mixed concerning the limitations of the helicopter that was needed and only the prototype was ever made.

Excellent references for this are:

1. Secret Project Forum Info – Many photos and discussion.

2. YouTube Demo Film - Periscope Film LLC archive

3. Flicker Photo Stream – By SeattleGuy51

4. Mikes Photos – Fire department photos


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