Friday, July 19, 2013

MDC Aircraft Colors Booklet

Aircraft Colors 000 Cover

In 1980 the International Plastic Modeler Society (IPMS) held their regional convention in St. Louis. It was known as Multicon '80. Three of us who worked at McDonnell Douglas and were IPMS St. Louis members decided that we should have a booklet as a free giveaway for the MultiCon. We titled it "McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Colors" with many three view drawings and paint schemes of F – 18, AV-8B, F-15 and F4 aircraft complete with paint chips.

Obtaining accurate color information is one of the most vexing problems facing an aviation historian or a modeler. This booklet attempts to solve this problem for the McDonnell Douglas aircraft. The paint chips in this book were painted at the same time as the aircraft and are, therefore, as accurate as can be provided. The camouflage patterns shown this book were taken from official MDC drawings. All color chips were provided by the McDonnell aircraft company paint shop.

Download the MDC Aircraft Colors booklet here


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