Saturday, March 21, 2015

RF-101C - Operation Sun Run (Part II)

2 RF-101C 60164 sun-run ac no.26 RF-101C SUNRUN 56-0168 CAPT BOB BURKHART SPARE Robbie Robinson sent along some additional photos of the Operation Sun Run aircraft. Robbie is a member of the U.K., Air -Britain (Historians) Society and specializes in the F/RF-101A and C aircraft. Credit: McDonnell/R.Robinson collection.
He sent along this info:
                                  No.1  RF-101C, 56-0163, Capt.Sweet.,17TRS.
                                  No.2       “           56-0164, Capt. Kilpatrick , 17TRS.
                                  No.3       “           56-0165, Lt. Klatt, 18TRS.
                                  No.4       “           56-0166, Capt.Schrecengost, 18TRS.
                                  No.5       “           56-0167, Capt. Hawkins,  18TRS, ( Spare).
                                  No.6       “           56-0168, Capt. Burkhart,   18TRS, ( Spare).
He thinks that photos of aircraft No.6 must be fairly rare, because very little has been seen of this aircraft. Anyone have any?
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