Wednesday, March 18, 2015

How Low Can You Go!

Untitled 1 An interesting photo from Jan 1981 showing a very low flying F-15, 75-0037 over the Missouri countryside. No, it’s not as low as it looks; but, the optical illusion is great. (That is not actually a shadow under the aircraft; but, a water filled shale pond, very common in that area.)

It also has two other interesting features, an unusual tank under the fuselage and an “Air Superiority Blue” radome while the rest of the aircraft is in the “Ghost Gray” scheme.

Click here to see large photo


Larry Walker said...

Dee Francis was the pilot flying out of St Louis in the winter. His altitude was a few hundred feet, but it looks a lot lower due to the open water in the nearly frozen river. The tank looks like a standard F-15 centerline tank.

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